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Pythagoria Review: A Perfect Brain-Teasing Puzzle Game

Pythagoria is a puzzle game for PC. In many ways, it is similar to Naoki Inaba’s Area Maze. There is a geometric construction which is not drawn to scale. Your task is to work out a missing length or an area. If you didn’t do your math homework back in the day, beware! Downloading Pythagoria on your PC or mobile is easy but playing it requires mathematical skills.

Gameplay 4.5/5

Pythagoria represents a set of geometry puzzles where you mostly work with figuring out the width and length of various shapes. All the puzzles are constructed in such fashion that users could work them out without the knowledge of the fractions. Embrace your intuition instead of finding the solution algebraically.

You start with knowing the width and height, they’re the key to the first dozen of puzzles. As the game grows difficult, you start to work with the whole numbers instead of fractions. Besides, relying on numeric values gets trickier with time, as visual dimensions do not necessarily match them. Estimation gets you on the slippery slope of mistakes, so be accurate!

Unfortunately, there’s no proper tutorial to the Pythagoria, and some players leave the game after just a few unlucky tries. But that’s probably the only con there is.

Graphics and Audio Effects 5/5

Pythagoria is simple when it comes to the visuals, but in this case, it’s just what the doctor ordered. The looks of the game are pleasant and simple there’s nothing here to distract you from solving all those puzzles. The relaxed soundtrack soothes your nerves and keeps your brain from overheat. Everything in the game serves the overall pleasant math experience

Immersion 4.5/5

The price of Pythagoria is $1.5 which is quite enough for several hours of mind-puzzling gaming. If you don’t get stuck on one of the few truly difficult levels, it takes you no more than three hours to finish the whole game. Immersion is astonishing, but you’ll need all the patience you can get. If you’re patient and stubborn geometry geek, Pythagoria is your next addiction.

Controls 3/5

Unfortunately, controls is the low point of Pythagoria: mouse input is fine, but if you decide to control your moves with a touchscreen, prepare for bugs. Screen buttons are rigid and might need a few tappings which could be disorienting, pencil lines aren’t as smooth as they should be, and the eraser works more like a ‘Ctrl + Z’ combination: it simply deletes everything when you want to erase a tiny mistake.

To sum up

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your geometry, Pythagoria could be a solution. It’s a simple but catchy indie game which keeps your mind busy with puzzles of all levels of difficulty. It’s also pretty intuitive and doesn’t require anything but your brain and maybe a few memories of school time.


Pythagoria is about one thing and one thing only: solving puzzles. It is a terrific game for what it’s worth. We highly recommend it for geometry admirers and puzzle lovers. Download Pythagoria to your PC or phone for $1.5 and experience the ultimate geometry lesson. Math and inspiration are everything you need for solving all of the Pythagoria’s puzzles..

Pros : Several hundreds of tasks from simple to not-s-simple;
Fascinating math tasks to discover;
Refreshing your geometry;
Adorable graphics and soundtrack.

Cons : Awful touchscreen controls.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 3

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.3

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
One of the most trending games right now!
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