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Apex Review: The Best Free Battle Royale

Apex is an extremely popular Battle Royale shooter available for free. You will play as legendary characters applying their unique skills fighting against the enemy. Download Apex and become a true legend with powerful abilities.

Gameplay 4.5/5

Even if you find yourself in a dark environment, you will appreciate the beauty of the places and surrealistic scenarios. You will complete your mission together with the members of a team. Thus, the title comes with the powerful tactical squad gameplay. Be ready to benefit from innovative techniques that will develop your skills and improve your experience in the Battle Royale. The world around us rather hostile and you have no right to relax. Team up to fight for victory. But first, decide who you are: a defender, attacker, healer, or tracker. Every character has Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate moves changing their style of play.

Graphics and Audio Effects 4.5/5

The graphics are realistic and detailed. You will play to the inspiring music which corresponds to the visuals greatly.

Immersion 4.5/5

Be ready to spend over 80 hours playing this game. It is packed with the challenges and variants of ending. It brings a diverse setup. You can influence on rival abilities, increase speed, and apply other options. If you are killed, you can benefit from Death Tatem and continue playing. We can tell you in this Apex review that the game is really interesting and engaging.

Controls 5/5

Taking into account a lot of various moves and activities, you are expected to view the tutorial to understand all your possibilities. The controls are responsive but rather complicated.

In-Game Purchases 4.5/5

The title is completely free but you are suggested to add heroes to an initial group consisting of six characters paying the in-game currency or spending your real money.

To Sum Up

We’d say that you should download Apex if you want to get an idea of the brilliant battle royale even if you are not a fan. The gameplay is so smart that you can apply almost any play style. There are no reasons to miss this title. This is almost the highest level of Battle Royale.


This title comes with a lot of challenges to perform and an engrossing battle royale which hardly can be beaten..

Pros : This perfectly developed title is free to play;
There are a lot of updates bringing the new content and enhancing your experience;
The gameplay is fluid coming with a lot of fun.

Cons : Some types of weapons should be improved.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.6

Everyone enjoy playing this game
Everyone recommends to play it!
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