Water Pipeline

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Water Pipeline review: A Fair Time-Killer

Water Pipeline is a strategic puzzle game. If you like puzzles, you must have heard about Water Pipeline app — it is one of the best puzzle apps which guarantees interesting tasks and exciting gameplay. The aim of this game is quite simple: you have to rotate different pieces of pipe to get the water and save life. The time is not limited, but you have limited moves for each round. The app has a lot of tricky turns, always keeping you thinking one step ahead.

Download Water Pipeline app to keep your mind sharp and to have a fun time-killer in your pocket whenever you need it.

Gameplay 4.5/5

The genre of the game can be qualified as a puzzle game for the brain, and also as puzzle adventure. The gameplay is easy and hard at the same time: you have to connect the pipes and build a path towards the exit, making sure you work fast so the water won’t be spilt.

At first, challenge mode is too easy, literally moving a few pipes takes seconds. However, be ready for some really difficult modes like an arcade mode. Be prepared that this game will train your mind better than any other.

Graphics and Audio Effects 4/5

Overall, the graphics are good. The back images get blurry from time to time, some icons could be nicer and simpler. The sounds are nice, fit the theme perfectly, nothing irritating there.

Immersion 5/5

The game challenge mode is really addictive. First, it is no more than a way to pass time, and get rid of boredom, but somehow it gets extremely fun and immersive.

Can you imagine that the game of rotating pieces of pipe basically takes advantage of the mind’s pleasure of tidying up by feeding it with the “ongoing perpetual uncompleted tasks”? That's what actually happens when you play Water Pipeline.

Controls 3/5

The controls of the game leave the room for improvement. There are occasional glitches from time to time. They could make you confuse the levels: when you click on level 9, the level 15 starts, for example. Or clicking on a square causes rotation to the square beneath it.

In-game purchases 4.5/5

There are no hidden purchases in this game. Yes, there are a lot of ads, but what else to expect from the free app? While someone thinks it is not intrusive at all, others might want to pay for an ad-free version, because, to be honest, the ad bombarding can get tough when you’re in the game.

To sum up

Water Pipeline is addictive and exciting. It would be nice if there was another level for practice in the beginning, but, nonetheless, the game is good for time-killing. Sharpening the mind gets fun and after a few place, you will forget about the controls glitches.


Download Water Pipeline app and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when a puzzle is completed..

Pros : Suitable for adults and kids;
No time limits;
You can start the game with no Internet connection;
Keeps your mind working.

Cons : A limited number of moves;
You have to "quit" and go back to the main menu each time you lose;
Too many ads.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 3

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.1

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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