60 Seconds!

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60 Seconds! Review: Hilarious Apocalypse Now

In this survival quest, you have to save your wife and children in a vault and to manage to collect vital goods in just 1 minute! After that, distribute belongings and explore the nuclear world to extend the life of your family. 60 Seconds! download is available for all major platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

Graphics: 4

This game is divided into 2 parts. First one takes 60 seconds at the beginning of each session. It is made in comic isometric 3D. You can see the house and characters only from above. After the family reaches fallout shelter, graphics go 2D. You would see a comic depiction of their underground life. If you think, that cartoonish style for nuclear war setting is not relevant, then just try it to see how great it matches 60 Seconds! black humour. There’s even no need to write 60 Seconds! review for any platform separately as it looks the same everywhere.

Gameplay: 4.5

In 60 Seconds! you have to play for a middle-aged workaholic guy Ted. He is quite tired of his life, but nevertheless worries about his family. Each time the nuclear alert goes on, he should responsibly take care about the family’s future in the fallout shelter. For that purpose, he rushes around the house to collect everything they might need (or not) to survive for as long as possible. The most important supplies are canned soups and water because your relatives can’t live without them and they have the longest shelf life.

As foods are not infinite, you should optimize consumption. Obviously, it’s not wise to eat everything during the first day! Eating is not everything though. After a few days, you have to start doing outings to the surface to explore the post-apocalyptic world and to find some more supplies. Your findings are always different, but even an umbrella may appear useful. Anyway, there’s nothing to do to avoid death. You can only postpone it if you’re lucky enough.

Controls: 5

Controls in this game are incredibly uncomplicated and implemented via point-and-click algorithm, which is suitable for any gaming platform. The whole gameplay consists of two parts, so in the first time limited part you should do everything fast, so stick controls are best for this purpose. The second part is unhurried by anything, so here you can use only touch controls for item selection. Everything is extremely easy and provides you with some cozy sessions of black humour.

Replay Value: 3.5

60 Seconds! is definitely a unique gaming experience in the nuclear-apocalypse setting. It complements big franchises like Fallout 4 and makes your brain around in hilarious survival mode. Its replayability is doubtful, but real due to different variants of events development. Try to collect various object in the collect-mode and watch how family members change their behavior. In addition to that, many events happen occasionally not to allow you to memorise the whole plot in a couple of sessions.


60 Seconds! is a good time-killer for anyone, who likes apocalyptic setting and feels good about savory portions of shameless black humor. It doesn’t require any specific gaming skills and doesn’t take your time to get accustomed. Just open, relax on the sofa or somewhere on the go and amuse yourself with a unique interactive survival comic book. Don’t wait for something visually impressing or unforgettable. It’s just for gaging the whole universe of games with an apocalyptic setting.


60 Seconds! is worth downloading if you lack a hilarious time-killer with a well-designed gameplay..

Pros : Developers have a good sense of black humour;
Relevant comic graphics.

Cons : It’s not very suitable for multiple daily sessions.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 4.3

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
You just can't miss this game!
One of the best action games ever!
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