Scrap Mechanic

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Scrap Mechanic Review: Build The Mechanism Of Your Dreams

Scrap Mechanic is a creative workshop where you can build anything you want from anything. Here you can build houses, equipment, and mechanisms to your taste. The game is in early access at the moment, but it can already boast a lot. Development is actively and regularly released updates that make a variety of gameplay, and high-quality fixes. You can download Scrap Mechanic for your PC from Steam.

Gameplay - 4/5

The game has only creative mode, because the game is under development. Based on Scrap Mechanic's reviews in Steam, this is a multiplayer sandbox game that immerses you in a world that you create yourself. Create adventures by yourself. Choose from 100+ building parts that are at your disposal and create anything from crazy transforming cars to moving houses. You can even make a team with your friends to create amazing things together. You are a robot maintenance mechanic. Your task is to take care of the working robots when they cultivate the earth, sending food they produce to the capital's planets. Farmbots working in the fields have gone mad, and now there is only one way to stay alive: use your quick thinking, your creativity and the cunning ability to turn your environment into your favor.

Graphics and Audio Effects - 4/5

Even being in the development mode and early access, the game already at the moment shows a very good picture. Throughout the game, you are accompanied by music from the main menu to the gameplay.

Immersion - 3.5/5

For a deeper dive into the game, you can choose the gender. You are given more than 100 different parts, so you can create anything. You can also save diagrams of your projects and share them with other users in the WorkShop. Now that the developers have added WorkShop to the game, you can watch the work of other users, which allows you to go deeper into the game.

Controls - 4/5

Management takes place using the keyboard and mouse. We have not seen any other options for managing this game.

In-game purchases

Inside the game, there are no microtransactions. Therefore, to fully enjoy the gameplay of the game you need to pay only once. But due to the fact that the game is in development, but patches and add-ons occur very slowly. What suggests that at some point, developers can leave the development of the game and the money will be spent in vain.

To Sum Up 

A good game with a nice design, open world, and a good storyline. The big plus is the ability to play multiplayer with friends. Inside the game is well-established physics of each object separately. Many different details with which you can create all kinds of mechanisms. The developers promise in the future quite ample opportunities for the game.


If the developers do not abandon the game, then it will turn out a great individual sandbox game. This game may appeal to lovers of creative sandboxes, world exploration and building simulators. Download Scrap Mechanic to your computer and find out which of your friends is the best mechanic..

Pros : Physics objects;
The system of mechanisms;
Wide opportunities in construction;
Multiplayer with friends.

Cons : Problems with optimization;
For a long time there is no news from the developers.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 3.9

One of the best action games ever!
One of the most trending games right now!
Everyone enjoy playing this game
Our team recommends this game to play. Very insistently
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